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The Stove sits within a house. The house is at the end of a lane. The lane is long. But on a good day, with the wind blowing in the right direction, the smells of cooking and the sounds of stories can spread, filling the air all along the long lane…

Part participatory performance, part communal meal, The Stove invites you to forge communities through storytelling. The Stove is a virtual meeting place - a fireside, kitchen table, cooking pot composite – a place to share stories over dinner and create new worlds with people you haven’t yet got to know.

The Stove was originally created in March as a response to the lockdown rules, which left many people incredibly isolated. What initially began as a virtual performance designed to replicate the sense of occasion and togetherness that live theatre can bring, is now being developed into an in-person storytelling experience, complete with a shared meal. The Stove seeks to be a place where entertainment meets company, and where participants have a real sense of each other’s presence. Having been adapted for a full in-person performance, The Stove provides opportunities for sharing and creating, as well as for sitting back and enjoying the journey.

Specially redeveloped for Tsitsit Festival, The Stove will explore the stories Jews carry with us from our different cultural backgrounds, and the inherited tales we bring to the table. It’s a journey to the ‘old country’ and back again, with food provided.

If you would like to book The Stove, either for a run of performances or for a private event, get in touch!

Design by Kathryn King

"Thoughtful, and quietly moving, it’s heartening to see that we can still fashion our own fictions when real life has been put on hold." (**** Reviews Hub)

"Brand creates a magical world of comfort for all to share." ****A Younger Theatre

"As Emma closed the call, I felt a warm feeling come over me, and I reflected on how wonderful it is to meet strangers and create something together." (**** Everything Theatre)

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