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© Kyle Tsai

 The sparkling eyes.

The wanting.

The hunger.

The intake of breath.

Four breaths

And then...?


What happens when we let go?  


Brought to you by international theatre-makers Same Same Collective, drop dead gorgeous is a delicate dance gone very wrong – or very right. Combining movement, comedy and a whole lot of fruit, this is a sticky, juicy, tasty take on femininity and appetite. One thing is certain: these darling girls can’t behave themselves forever.


Intersectional, irreverent theatre, loosely based on Yukio Mishima's Book of Anti-Chaste Wisdom.

drop dead gorgeous was nominated for the Origins Award and the Innovation in Theatre Award at VAULT Festival 2020. We had also been programmed as part of the now-cancelled Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020.

We are still very much hoping to tour this show internationally,  and we will be going back to Edinburgh in August 2022.

We are hiring for production roles for the Edinburgh Fringe in 2022.  Click here for role descriptions.


And if you'd like to have us in late 2022 or 2023, email samesametc@gmail.com 

"Through movement, moments of perfect clowning, and almost-unending feasting, the ensemble have transposed the female experience and made it a tangible thing that you feel you could physically wrestle with, as so many of us do in daily life." (My Theatre Mates)

"These women...begin to let go of this perfect image of femininity and instead begin to lean into the joy of taking what they want." (**** Within Her Words)

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Same Same is an international, interdisciplinary collective whose members met whilst studying Performance Making at Goldsmiths University. We come from the UK, India and Taiwan, and our artistic backgrounds span theatre, dance and fine art. We are dedicated to making performances which speak across cultural divides.

We are currently back in our disparate countries, but hoping to collaborate remotely and put new work into the world again soon.