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I'm a theatre-maker and performer from London. With collaborators in Hatch It Theatre and the Same Same Collective, I have taken shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, VAULT Festival and the Brighton Fringe. As a solo artist I have performed at JW3, the Jewish Museum and online.

I like to make work that explores social issues through playful, innovative, and often audience-centric means.

I'm interested in liveness - in doing something real with or in front of an audience, and creating idiosyncratic experiences together. I believe in theatre as a force for building community.


Since 2020, I have become increasingly interested in taking work outside of theatre spaces - whether that means working outside, working in domestic and non-performance spaces, or working online. 

Having previously made theatre as a playwright, actor and director, I now prefer to devise work, either collaboratively or as a solo artist. My process is one of layering - finding different textures in images, sound, objects and space. 

Outside of theatre, I have worked with young people for over a decade, in youth clubs, on summer schemes, and in schools. I am Co-Director of Babylon Migrants Project, which runs creative activities by and for young refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. I also volunteer with Our Second Home, a youth movement helping refugees and asylum seekers to thrive in the UK. My work with young people feeds into my theatre work and vice versa, bringing creativity into my youth work, and an ethos of care into my theatre work. 

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